What People Are Saying…


“I was totally enchanted by the seemingly paradoxical combination of roots-as-old-as-the-hills sounding music, and yet fresh as the day after tomorrow vibe and sensibility, all presented with exquisite musicianship and sensitivity”
– Don Richmond

“So at ease on stage and in their music and, seemingly, in their individual skins, that it would be hard not to go along with any idea or musical arrangement they’d set forth…From their hers and hers vests to their warm stage banter to way their voices blended, it was a love at first listen situation.”
– Alli Marshall

“Sounds so good! It’s really rich and delicate. The songs and production are modestly beautiful and intricately simple. I love it!”
– Zoe Boekbinder

“If The Be Good Tanyas and Gillian Welch came together and had a musical child… it would be Tina and Her Pony! Sweet music!!!”
– Melissa Crabtree

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